tirsdag 25. mai 2010

Official show debut for 4 Kerenza-dogs!

This weekend the Norwegian retriever-club arranged a three-day jubilee show to celebrate it's 50th anniversary, ending it with a working test yesterday. Saturday we had entered Alphi, Karma, Herman and Amandus, and Sunday just Alphi and Nora. Alphi was also entered at the working test (which will probably appear later in a cross-post in the other blog). The show-judges were Malcolm Godefroy and Keith Young, latter had bitches on Saturday and dogs on Sunday, and vica-versa.
It has been an extremely sunny weekend, I'd say almost too sunny, but also a very nice one with lots of nice people, including our great puppy-buyers.
The first in the ring this weekend was Karma (Kerenza's After The Goldrush), who managed to get a fourth place in a large junior-class. Next up was Alphi, and while she was in the ring, they started junior dog-class, in which Amandus and Herman was supposed to be in! Thanks to Sissel (who owns Amandus), Nina (Karma) and Elisabeth (Herman), I did get all three dogs in the ring, but we had never done it without them! Eva showed Herman in the first group, since I couldn't run with two dogs at the time! Neither Amandus nor Herman was placed, but it was a very big class so it was not completely surprising. They were also probably the youngest in the class, and the least trained! So I'm very pleased with them anyway :)
The puppies' grandfather, Trewater Tally, won a staggeringly large open class on Saturday with CK, and Sunday I showed him to a third place with CK.
On Sunday, Nora and co-owner Alice repeated Karma's success the previous day, by getting 4th in junior-class, with CK!! All in all we are very impressed with all the puppies and puppy-buyers this weekend, and this made the weekend perfect :)

"Nice head and pigmentation, dark eye. Well layed shoulders, level topline. Good spring of ribs, good stifles, moved correctly front and rear." (Godefroy)

"Good head, dark pigmentation, good neck. Correct front angulations, well sprung ribs, level topline. Good stifles, tight feet. Moved correctly front and rear." (Godefroy)

"Excellent quality. Well pigmented. In good condition. Attractive head with a kindly dark eye. Good neck and topline. Correct stifle. Moved soundly." (Young)

"Pretty head with good pigment and dark eye. Good neck, correct front angulations. Good rib, level topline and tailset. Good stifles, moved correctly front and rear" (Godefroy) 4. jkk/ck

"Excellent type with a pleasing profile. Well presented in good condition. Pleasing head shape with an intelligent expression. Good neck, topline and stifle. Moved correctly" (Young)
"Balanced head with dark eye. Good reach of neck. Correct front angulations. Good rib, level topline, good stifles. Moved well front and rear." (Godefroy)


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  1. My dog only listens to me when I give it treats. Wish I could train my dog like these people do.